Dr. Selina Chen-Kiang

Selina Chen-Kiang is Professor of Pathology and Professor of Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis at the Weill-Cornell Medical College. After receiving her PhD in Genetics and Development at Columbia University she went on to become a Jane Coffin Child Cancer Fellow and completed her postdoctoral training in molecular biology at Rockefeller University.

Dr. Chen-Kiang’s focus is to convert conceptual breakthroughs into novel cancer therapies. She pioneered the concept that controlling the cell cycle in cancer cells can reprogram them for killing by a partner agent. She has implemented this novel strategy in several hypothesis-driven clinical trials of combination therapy in human cancers such as lymphoma with success. Her team is uncovering the genes and mechanisms that differentiate sensitivity from resistance to targeted therapies, with the goal of tailoring treatment to each patient.

Selina Chen-Kiang, Ph.D
Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Chen-Kiang is a former member of the Basic Science Council of the National Cancer Institute. She is recognized for resurrecting a unique cell cycle inhibitor that is now effective in treating diverse human cancers. For her innovation and seminal contributions, Selina was awarded an inaugural Specialized Center of Research Grant for myeloma by the Society in 2000.  Under her leadership, her team was awarded a Mantle Cell Lymphoma Research Initiative Award from the Society as well as the first program project grant from National Cancer Institute that is solely dedicated to mantle cell lymphoma research in 2018. Selina continues to be an integral part of the LLS New York City Chapter and board. She is the recipient of many awards, including the Researcher of the Year Award from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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